Pilot Medical Park Building 100, Birmingham, AL

SDG Philosophy

At SDG, our most valuable resource is our people. When Stewart Lee founded the company in the mid 90’s, he believed that projects benefited greatly from a single licensed Professional Engineer performing the work on all aspects of a project. Having multiple layers of project management does not best serve the client’s interest.

At SDG our licensed Professional Engineers will personally work on your project. Communications are rapid and crisp, eliminating possible miscommunications, costly errors, and the slow response time of a more bureaucratic system. SDG is committed to employing well respected and seasoned Professional Engineers enhancing the quality and speed in which projects are done as compared to that of a multi-layered approach. Our philosophy is proven for projects with a construction cost up to about 40 million dollars. For larger projects, additional engineers would be added as needed.

By employing experienced licensed Engineers as the actual production personnel, SDG offers an unparalleled level of expertise on any given project. When you work with SDG your engineering is done by our team of Professional Engineers and not handed off to several Intern Engineers.

Vestavia Hills City Center, Birmingham, Alabama

SDG Leads in Excellence

Structural Design Group (SDG) Engineers are leading professionals in many areas of concrete design including post-tensioned concrete, long span concrete structures, and advanced analysis of shell and arch concrete structures.

SDG has Engineers who serve on several national code-setting bodies for concrete design, making SDG a regional leader in state-of-the-art concrete design. In fact, within the last 17 years, the majority of two-way post-tensioned slab projects in Alabama were designed by current SDG employees.

We have expertise in areas such as: post-tensioned slabs on grade, nationally recognized expertise in tilt-up concrete, and extensive experience with industrial floor slabs.

We have substantial experience with all types of parking decks totaling over 15,000 parking spaces and including cast-in-place and precast construction. We also have experience designing cost-effective, quality steel parking structures.

SDG Engineers have experience designing multi-level buildings of fifteen or more floors.

We provide experience with projects involving progressive collapse or anti-terrorist requirements, including government projects using the latest DoD, UPC, or, GSA  requirements. Structural Design Group has completed more than 2,300 projects in the last ten years.

Crest Cadillac Hummer Dealership, Hoover, Alabama

SDG is a leading resource for Seismic Design. We have successfully implemented designs using the latest state-of-the-art special steel moment frames and buckling restrained braced frames.

Our involvement in state-of-the-art seismic design has led us to become one of the few regional firms with Engineers experienced in advanced masonry design using post-tensioning.

If you have a structure with long-span roof considerations, SDG can provide the level of expertise that such structures require.

Fast-track and design-build projects require having knowledgeable Engineers on staff who understand the inherent challenges expected with these types of projects. Many times multiple design packages are needed to satisfy construction schedule demands, and SDG Engineers are experienced with this process.  Confidence, consistency, accuracy, and leadership are all traits that you will recognize in SDG Engineers.

SDG is a national leader in Wood Engineering with over 900 million dollars in wood framed construction ranging from the complex and exotic to more standard stick framing.

When it comes to apartments, condominiums, student housing, and university game day centers, few can match the experience of SDG. With over 8,000 apartment units and 13,300 student housing beds, you can count on SDG to provide valuable insight and planning to make your project successful.

SDG has extensive experience in Retail projects, with over 9 million square feet designed in the last few years.

We also have substantial experience with the design of Schools totaling more than 3 million square feet and 300 million dollars in construction cost, including the use of hollow core, masonry, and advanced metal building systems.

Our Church design experience consists of a variety of project sizes and scopes including: long-span roof framing, framed bowl seating, advanced acoustic design, and multi-story tilt up.

Design-Build and Fast Track

The exclusive use of experienced Professional Engineers as our core production personnel has made us the consultant of choice for design-build projects. Our cutting edge and creative solutions to design problems put our team a cut above – this is the kind of input you get when the hands-on work is being done by one of our seasoned Professional Engineers.

Mistakes made by poor communication or inexperienced design Engineers are costly. At SDG, our use of Licensed Professional Engineers as the key production personnel gives us an edge with fast track projects. Another advantage of the SDG system is the increased speed at which an experienced Professional Engineer can produce quality design packages.

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